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Keeping Your Child Safe online - Information for Parents/Carers:

Please read these newsletters to find out about common online safety issues and  how you can protect your child online.

Online Safety Newsletter September 2023       Back to School photos; Threads (13+)

Online Safety Newsletter October 2023            Livestreaming; Online games

Online Safety Newsletter November 2023      Roblox (12+); Tiktok (13+)

 Online Safety Newsletter December 2023      Age ratings; Snapchat (13+)

Online Safety Newsletter January 2024          New devices; Youtube (13+)

Online Safety Newsletter February 2024       Playstations; Snapchat (13+)

Online Safety Newsletter March 2024            Fortnite Battle Royale (12+); Instagram (13+)



Online Safety Newsletter February 2023         PUBG (16+); Fall Guys; Instagram (13+)

Online Safety Newsletter March 2023              Tiktok (13+); Roblox (12+)

Online Safety Newsletter April 2023                 Being unkind online; Be Real (13+);   

                                                                                       Snapchat (13+)

Online Safety Newsletter May 2023                 Fortnite (12+); Minecraft Legends (7+); 

                                                                                       Rocket League (3+)                

Online Safety Newsletter June 2023                 Social Media Influencers; Omegle (18+)


Sometimes, children will be asked to complete research projects at home. A safe search engine recommended for children to use is, which can be set as a homepage.

If you would like to know more about keeping your child safe online, visit:


If your child has Special Educational Needs, also read: Parents Guide; Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet-Safety

If you are ever worried about your child’s safety online, contact:

If you would like to know more about keeping your child safe at home and in the community, visit:

Also read:  Letter to Parents; Keeping Your Child Safe

Also read: The Prevent Strategy; An Introduction for Parents

If you are worried that you or your child has seen or accessed extremist materials on the internet, you should report it immediately. You can do this via this red button. 


If you are worried that a child is being abused, you must report it immediately. You can do this via: