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Burton Fields

Our Aims and Values

  Central Co-operative Learning Trust

Our Trust values:

  • Co-operation and Collaboration
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Equality and Democracy
  • Aspiration and Achievement
  • Trust and Honesty
  • Equity and Friendship

    Burton Fields School

We aim for our pupils to be:

  • Successful, passionate lifelong learners who can achieve their full potential
  • Informed individuals who can manage risk and make safe and healthy life choices
  • Responsible global citizens who make positive contributions to their communities and to society as a whole

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Providing a safe, welcoming and caring learning environment
  • Recognising and addressing the individual needs of every child
  • Sustaining and nurturing all children’s natural curiosity
  • Teaching children to respect and value their own and others’ beliefs and opinions
  • Forging strong and effective links with parents and carers to support children’s learning
  • Providing good quality teaching and learning experiences for all children
  • Enabling all children to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum