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Keeping Safe Online

We often use the school computers and internet connection for learning. Pupils are responsible for following these online behaviour rules which help everyone to keep safe.

Our rules for safe internet use in school are:

  • I will only access the network with my username and password
  • I will not read or delete other users’ files
  • I will only use the network for authorised study purposes
  • I will gain permission from staff before using the internet
  • I will only send email to/from known addresses, which will be polite and responsible
  • I will never give my name, address or personal information to anyone who tries to make contact with me through the network
  • I will never arrange to meet anyone I have met through the internet
  • I will report any unpleasant messages I see or receive
  • I will not bring any software into school without permission
  • I will not download software or files without permission
  • I know that my school may check my computer files and will monitor the sites I visit
  • I understand that I will be stopped from using the internet if I deliberately break the ‘Keeping Safe Online’ rules

The following websites are suitable for children to access independently to support their learning at home:


ChildLine - there for every child
ChildLine offers free, confidential advice and support whatever your worry, whenever you need help. Learn this number in case you ever need it:

0800 1111