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Remote Learning Contingency Plan 2020-2021

This page outlines our plans for remote education or ‘home learning’, should our children need to self-isolate for 10-14 days and/or in the event of a bubble or whole-school closure. It is our intention during the Autumn Term to ensure pupils and families are equipped in order to easily transition into home learning if or when necessary throughout the school year.

Where a child/family has to self-isolate or quarantine:

  • We will expect all pupils needing to self-isolate as a precautionary measure to complete all work assigned by the school.
  • We will expect any pupils needing to quarantine following travel to a foreign country to complete all work assigned by the school. Parents have been informed that any foreign travel carries a risk at the present time and pupils absence for reason of travel quarantine will not be authorised.


Where an individual pupil has to self-isolate, work will be provided for the pupil to enable them to keep up with their classmates as much as possible.

Individual teachers who are self-isolating for precautionary reasons will manage their class’s learning from home. This will include setting work and leading lessons remotely, supported by a Teaching Assistant in the classroom. If the teacher becomes ill, their partner year group teacher, with support from senior leaders, will coordinate the home and school learning.

Immediate access to resources:

  • All pupils have personal access logins to and are familiar with our chosen learning support APPs (Timetables Rockstars, Flashacademy and Spelling Shed) which support children’s acquisition of basic skills at their individual level. These can all be accessed easily via any internet-enabled device) and instructions for parents for these are available under the ‘Pupils’ menu tab on our school website.
  • Links to useful learning support websites and resources are also available on the school website.

Continued Learning:

  • All pupils have individual reading books which go home each day; additional books will be provided for the period of self-isolation.
  • A pack of paper-based learning materials will be provided containing information and activities linked to the areas of the class topic being covered during the pupil’s absence.
  • SEND and EAL pupils will be provided with a pack of learning materials linked to their specific learning support needs.
  • Learning packs will be made available within 2 days of the school being notified of the pupil’s requirement for self-isolation, and should be collected within 24hrs of the school making parents aware they are ready. They must be collected by a friend or relative of the family who is not under a direction to self-isolate.

Part or Full School Closure:

In the event that there is a need for closure of a part or whole of the school, teachers and pupils will primarily use the online learning programmes and methods of feedback provided by the Google Classroom suite. Paper-based learning packs may be provided to individual pupils at parents request if any difficulties to online access cannot be resolved.

  • Teachers who are self-isolating for precautionary reasons as part of a closure will manage their class’s learning from home. This will include setting work and leading lessons remotely, supported by a Teaching Assistant in the classroom. If the teacher becomes ill, their partner year group teacher, with support from senior leaders, will coordinate the home learning.
  • All subjects and topics which are being covered in school will continue wherever possible, with learning tasks set in-line with the curriculum that would be taught in school to maintain progress.
  • Clear explanations for the learning tasks will be given and feedback will be provided through Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will provide learning pack booklets to print off in school as necessary.
  • If a Bubble is in isolation, contact will be made with parents by pastoral staff to check on well-being and any further needs.
  • Teachers will ensure that contact is made by telephone all parents / guardians of children who are not engaging in learning online, to ensure that they have access to learning packs to work at home.
  • Non-engagement following this will be referred to a member of the leadership team. A tracking grid for engagement and participation will be maintained in school through the Google Classroom facility.
  • If there is a requirement to make provision of key workers and vulnerable children, they will follow the same learning plan as the children who are at home.

Expectations for staff if their class Bubble closes:

  • Learning will be set on a weekly basis and include English, mathematics and relevant topic work.
  • Online resources will be utilised to support learning.
  • Feedback will be provided on learning through Google Classroom
  • Class teachers will follow up on any children who have not engaged with learning and record information on CPOMS.
  • A weekly wellbeing check-in will be made by pastoral staff.
  • Staff meetings will be attended via Zoom.

 Expectations for Parents and Carers:

  • Support learning at home by providing a safe space for children to focus.
  • Maintain communication with school and the class teacher.
  • Support children to log onto online resources.
  • Inform school if paper-based learning packs are required at any stage.
  • Collect paper-based learning packs from school or contact school if this is not possible.
  • Ensure that learning packs are collected by an adult who is not isolating.
  • Contact school if their child or household member tests positive for COVID.

Access to Electronic Devices to Support Online Learning:

All pupils have been provided with a secure Google email address, and, by the end of September 2020, will have been taught how to use this to access Google Classroom on both laptops and iPads. Instructions will also have been sent to parents. This will enable them to participate in the continuing remote learning opportunities being provided by the class teachers.

In the event of a part or whole school closure:

  • Google Chromebooks have been purchased by Central Co-Operative Learning Trust on behalf of the school for loan to pupils in the event of school closure. Order of priority for these loans will be: All Y6 pupils eligible for FSM

                               All FSM pupils with no access to devices in the home

                               All Y5 pupils eligible for FSM

                               Any other disadvantaged pupils (not FSM) with no access to devices in the home

  • Additional devices will be sourced via the Department from Education as per the school’s allocation on the day of closure.