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Emotional and Social Support for Pupils

HOPE- Helping Our Pupils' Emotions

All children and young people have their ups and downs and experience all kinds of thoughts and feelings as they grow up. A child or young person may then need someone to talk to about their social, behavioural, emotional difficulties or need some advice.

The HOPE Project is a school emotional wellbeing service which supports children, young people and their families. The project offers signposting, self-help guidance, and early intervention and also promotes a whole school approach for emotional wellbeing.


This group activity aims to improve the friendship skills of pupils, enabling the development of their ability to manage emotions and behaviour through the promotion of positive peer relationships and emotional literacy amongst girls by:-

  • Encouraging self-awareness and raising self esteem
  • Identifying triggers and emotions and how we respond to them
  • Appropriate friendships and behaviours
  • Taking responsibility for own actions


Burton Fields School offers support to children who are growing up with a brother or sister who has additional needs such as learning or physical disabilities. This is delivered though group sessions where children are given the opportunity to talk through their feelings and encouraged to develop strategies to cope. The SIBS mission believes that siblings have a right:-

  • To be valued for who they are and what they do
  • To be seen as individuals with their own specific needs
  • To access reliable sources of advice and information, and support service
  • To influence the services and policies that affect them
  • To reach their full potential

 More information about SIBS can be found at

The HOPE, FRIENDS and SIBS programmes are all delivered in school as 1-1 or group sessions by trained members of our Inclusion Support team. Please talk to Mrs Putman or Mrs Hutchings if you would like to learn more about them.