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UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools - Article of the Month

September 2023


Exploring Article 12:

Why should you be able to share your views and opinions on matters that affect you?

  • Being involved in decisions makes you feel like a part of it, you have ownership. 
  • Relationships between children and adults improve when there’s communication. 
  • School is there to help children to learn, so it is important to put children at the centre. 
  • Children have some great ideas that adults might never think of.
  • It helps to prepare you for adulthood. 
  • Children and young people feel valued. 
  • Involving young people means there are more people to make a difference. 
  • We all have different views and experiences, so including everyone means we get lots of perspectives. 
  • It can help you to learn about politics and democracy. 
  • It is your right to be involved in decisions which affect you!