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 International Eco-Schools                                 Award

At Burton Fields School, we are proud to be recognised as a 'Green Flag with Distinction' Eco School for our 'continued excellence in improving environmental performance and learning'.

Our Eco-Committee, comprising representatives from all classes throughout the school, lead  a variety of initiatives throughout the school year.


Eco Team Newsletter  Autumn 2023

Eco Team Newsletter  Summer 2023


Hedgehog Friendly Campus                          

We have recently been accredited as a Gold Hedgehog Friendly Campus. This accreditation lasts for three years. You can read our feedback report here.

Hedgehogs are vulnerable to extinction in Britain, due to habitat loss, development, roads and garden hazards. There are now thought to be fewer than one million hedgehogs left. They have declined between 30-75% since 2000 in rural areas. City dwelling hedgehog numbers appear to be recovering after a long period of decline but there is more work to be done.

At Burton Fields School, we are trying to help to bring hedgehogs back from the brink. So far we have:

  • Created a wild area for hedgehogs that includes log piles, leaf piles and hedgehog houses
  • Created hedgehog homes ads part of a Home Learning challenge, which are now situated in our school grounds
  • Conducted site surveys to look for, and remove, hazards to hedgehogs and other wildlife
  • Put out a wildlife camera to monitor which animals visit our school when we are not here

Further information about hedgehogs, and the ways in which you can help them, can be found using the following links.


Air Aware Campaign

We are working closely with Air Aware Staffordshire to make the environment around our school a healthier place.


We ask people not to leave their car engines idling outside our school, and we encourage everyone to walk, scoot or cycle to school instead of coming by car.


 Click on the Travel Map link below for ideas about how you can help in this campaign.  

Burton Fields Travel Map